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"I felt intimidated running my sales meetings. I knew I was not as effective a line manager as I should have been. Coaching identified the cause of the problems, helped me to make the necessary adjustments and my workplace feels like a far better place now, both for me and my colleagues"

'I felt stuck and unable to fulfil potential for work I knew I had. Coaching gave me a series of practical steps I could take in order to create a pathway to develop a different, fulfilling working life."


Coaching can take a variety of forms, for example:

Psychological coaching is a powerful and effective approach that is used in numerous ways. Coaching is positive, solution focussed, non-judgemental and challenging. On occasions emotional baggage may surface, however the coaching process may resolve deep seated traumas or blocks just as a result of the approach itself.

Performance coaching will work on the performance of an individual say, at work assisting clients to identify blocks and use problem solving strategies to overcome these.

Executive coaching concentrates on issues that hamper performance as a leader or manager, for example, leading meetings, conducting one to one's with colleagues or other interpersonal or communication issues.

"Who Do You Think You Are?"

The 'Who Do You Think You Are? www.sima.co.uk coaching programme is designed to help you take stock of your life. It is particularly helpful for people in periods of transition. This coaching programme can support you on your journey through change and will help you identify your strengths and motivations, what gives you pleasure and what is frustrating.

There are no tests or questionnaires. As the coach, I will work with you and tailor the programme to suit you and your situation. The programme works so well because it starts with you. It concentrates on the information which you provide about a subject you already know so well - your own story.

Your company may benefit from facilitating staff discovering whether they are developing their true potential.

Individuals may benefit from exploring their personal options in times of transition.